Birth certificate taste on a beer budget By, Siobhan K Burke

Some of us create our kin without a pot to piss in,
two silly souls giggle and grin, thoughtlessly
forgetting that a new life is more than money, costly.

Children laugh and children cry
and then they bloom and begin to ask why?
what has been their history and what will be their fate?
They will be confused and feel roused,
but now all your bright ideas will be too late.

And there it went, did you feel it? Your moment has passed.
I wonder, was it good? and about how long did it last?

-Siobhan K. Burke


Parenthood, don’t waste it.

There will always be those who do not respect the power of parenthood, but the truth is, this is not one of those things that you can be “sort of” good at. Its not like mopping the floor or something, I mean the dirt that you left in the corner is not going to grow up one day to be Fidel Castro. Either you do it right or you dont, bottom line. It is obvious to me the consequences of taking on parenthood willy nilly, I mean we see it all over the news everyday. But, It is not just the big name terrrible people of the world or the career criminals, even worse are the ones who grow up to be decent human beings…and thats it, just decent.
The best thing I can do is take my own advice, love, honor and respect my babies more and more everyday and in doing that I am making the world a better place. Our children are not our legacy in the sense that they will carry our name on into the future, they are our gift to the future. We as parents have the greatest power ever bestowed upon anyone…to change and grow mankind into a loving, generous, and kind race by simply raising our children with these values. It is so simple, yet, it gets overlooked and ignored and wasted and wasted and wasted time and time again.
Don’t waste it.

Stars By, Siobhan K Burke

My cars and my belly scars,
My lashes and leggings and longing,
Boots, buttons and bangles,
My thighs and my thyroid,
For me are no matter.

My Garden, my Children, my Partner and my Mother,
These are the stars I see and the stars I seek,
They glow and flicker,
only long enough to know a sliver,
Of what they mean and what they’ve meant.
My Stars and I together,
We’ve seen and sent,
Received and bereaved.

No, never my cars and belly scars,
I only have eyes for my sweet flickering Stars.

~Siobhan K. Burke